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Toronto’s underground magical harmony

Toronto’s underground magical harmony

Contributed by Gabriela De Toni, ILSC-Toronto Journalism Student Crowds walking. Undistinguished conversations. People running out of time. That is just another common day in a Toronto subway station – and in subway stations all around the world. But there is always a chance to hear something magical happening: that musician that is always sympathetic and

Book shop in Surry Hills - Photo, Luisa Steiger

Discover Amazing Sydney: ILSC’s “English through Sydney Course”

ILSC-Sydney is offering an exciting new course that takes language learning out of the classroom and offers students a chance to discover the hidden gems and unique neighbourhoods of the amazing city of Sydney, all while developing and improving their English skills. A couple of ILSC students, Luciano Bicalho, and Gabriela Conti Figueriredo, both from

“Go Leafs, go!” A Brazillian perception about a Canadian sport

Contributed by Estevão Rinaldi, ILSC-Toronto Journalism Student It wasn’t necessary to spend too much time in Canada to understand the meaning hockey has to most people all over the country. For a Brazillian guy like me, it becomes imposible not to draw an analogy to the importance soccer receives in my country, which is known

If You Are Going To San Francisco…

Contributed by Nilay, ILSC-San Francisco Social Media Writing Class If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. If you’re going to San Francisco, you’re gonna meet some gentle people there. I think so many people already know this song. Those of you who don’t know, I really recommend