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Accidents can happen. Photo credit: Flickr user Mitchell Gerskup

Study Abroad tips: Make sure you have medical insurance!

Study Abroad tips: Make sure you have medical insurance!

Contributed by Hsieh Nien Fei, ILSC-Toronto, English through Journalism Student It’s just a typical school day. You’re walking on the street, sliding your smart-phone, laughing at your friend’s picture on Facebook. You aren’t really paying attention to the traffic sign, then… BAM!! A car hits you, and the last thing you remember is the sound

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Toronto’s underground magical harmony

Contributed by Gabriela De Toni, ILSC-Toronto Journalism Student Crowds walking. Undistinguished conversations. People running out of time. That is just another common day in a Toronto subway station – and in subway stations all around the world. But there is always a chance to hear something magical happening: that musician that is always sympathetic and

Book shop in Surry Hills - Photo, Luisa Steiger

Discover Amazing Sydney: ILSC’s “English through Sydney Course”

ILSC-Sydney is offering an exciting new course that takes language learning out of the classroom and offers students a chance to discover the hidden gems and unique neighbourhoods of the amazing city of Sydney, all while developing and improving their English skills. A couple of ILSC students, Luciano Bicalho, and Gabriela Conti Figueriredo, both from

“Go Leafs, go!” A Brazillian perception about a Canadian sport

Contributed by Estevão Rinaldi, ILSC-Toronto Journalism Student It wasn’t necessary to spend too much time in Canada to understand the meaning hockey has to most people all over the country. For a Brazillian guy like me, it becomes imposible not to draw an analogy to the importance soccer receives in my country, which is known