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Preparing for a darn cold winter

Preparing for a darn cold winter

Contributed by Fujiwara Uta, student at ILSC-Toronto I am not a person with a plan, I barely researched Toronto before coming here. Two days after arriving, I heard that it’s going to be less than minus twenty degrees Celsius in the winter in Toronto. In other words, it’s going to be darn cold! You might think


Citizen of the world: An ILSC student on study strategies and the meaning of home

Contributed by Lydia Pillitiere, Teacher at ILSC-San Francisco I met Sandra during her first session in San Francisco in January, when she marched into my Communication I1 class and owned her learning from day one.  What this Venezuelan attorney lacked in mechanics, she made up in enthusiasm! Her attitude is an unusual, but refreshing mix of a fiery go-getter


The Tricky Friendship Abroad

Contributed by Felipe Brito, studying English Through Journalism at ILSC-Toronto Studying abroad can be one of the best experiences a student can have. The chance to taste independence for the first time for some, or having the opportunity to leave the daily problems behind for a couple of months is a dream come true. The cultural shock and the