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The Tricky Friendship Abroad

The Tricky Friendship Abroad

Contributed by Felipe Brito, studying English Through Journalism at ILSC-Toronto Studying abroad can be one of the best experiences a student can have. The chance to taste independence for the first time for some, or having the opportunity to leave the daily problems behind for a couple of months is a dream come true. The cultural shock and the

Accidents can happen. Photo credit: Flickr user Mitchell Gerskup

Study Abroad tips: Make sure you have medical insurance!

Contributed by Hsieh Nien Fei, ILSC-Toronto, English through Journalism Student It’s just a typical school day. You’re walking on the street, sliding your smart-phone, laughing at your friend’s picture on Facebook. You aren’t really paying attention to the traffic sign, then… BAM!! A car hits you, and the last thing you remember is the sound