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West Village: The Best Place to be in NYC

West Village: The Best Place to be in NYC

Contributed by Mauricio Zambiasi, Creative Writing student at ILSC-New York Before my fist visit to New York City, I thought that the city was concentrated in only two places: Times Square/Broadway Theaters and Central Park. In my head, places outside those areas were just like many others big cities around the world. Then, in July of


My Story in Pictures: Rakhi Gautam

Contributed by Kathryn North and Rakhi Gautam from ILSC-New Delhi ILSC New Delhi’s Learn to Earn program provides English and job skills training to help underprivileged young Indian women expand their opportunities for future success.   Rakhi Gautam is 22 years old and the eldest sibling in a family of 5 children. She feels a heavy responsibility to better

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My G20 Experience with ILSC-Brisbane

Contributed by Franciele Spinelli, student at ILSC-Brisbane Although many people believe that the G20 was a waste of time and also that it brought a lot trouble to the city, it was an incredible opportunity for cultural exchange in many ways. Luckily, I was given the chance to be part of this cultural sharing, which happened