India: The best experience of our lives

Contributed by Aida and Diana, Colombian students from ILSC-New Delhi.

“India was the best place to travel, not only to learn English but also to grow up as a human.”

New Delhi Colombian sisters

Why we chose India

Mixed religion, beautiful cities, kind and friendly people, different cultures and delicious Indian cuisine! And also to learn and practice Yoga!

Learning the language

Because of different nationalities in classes at ILSC, we were forced to speak in English at all times; this is like a language immersion experience.

We lived and traveled around India for two months and attended English and Hindi Communication classes and participated in numerous school activities at ILSC.

A home away from home

We both chose to live in separate Homestays so that we could practice more English.

Both our Homestay mothers were very kind, and friendly, and often interacted with us. They took very good care of us, and went out of their way to accommodate us and make us feel welcomed. It was a great exposure to typical Indian household and culture.

Initially we felt lonely, and almost regretted coming to India as we could not travel much alone. But after participating in school activities we felt much more relaxed and comfortable.

For example we spent 4 nights and 5 days in Dharamshala/McLeodGanj. This trip was very well organized and comfortable. Neeraj, the activity coordinator was very informative and caring.

The real India

Given the media’s representation of India before coming, we were unsure of what to expect, but after arriving in India we realized that media information is mostly stereotype. In fact, we had a very different idea of women living in India, we thought they would be very conservative, but after interacting with people here, we came to realize that they are same as women anywhere else; they dress in jeans and clothes similar to women in the west. Not everyone wears a saree.

We had no episodes that made us feel unsafe. We enjoyed our trip thoroughly and had zero problems during our stay or trips.

It was the best experience of our life. India was the best place to travel not only to learn English but also to grow up as a human. We will definitely come back to India to study and travel!


Holi Festival Celebrations in New Delhi:



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