Exciting options for Juniors in 2017

“During a Junior Camp last summer, we had a 10-year-old student called Karen, travelling on her own from Japan. For the first week, she didn’t talk much. By the end of her 4-week stay, we were so happy to see that she had opened up and become very comfortable!”

– Andrew Goulding, Junior Programs Director

ILSC’s Junior Programs have been helping youth have life-changing experiences such as this for over 15 years. These programs help youth learn English or French, make new friends, explore a new place and culture, and have their Best Day Ever at ILSC!

Experience your Best Day Ever with ILSC's Junior Programs!

Experience your Best Day Ever with ILSC’s Junior Programs!

ILSC’s Junior Programs have some exciting developments in 2017:

Family Camps

A new addition for 2017, this option allows families to explore a new city and learn English together. Participants will enjoy a diverse nationality mix, and be exposed to many different cultures. After lessons in the morning, families will have the rest of the day to explore Vancouver or San Francisco.

“Although we do have structured activities, families have four days a week to go on their own adventures,” says Andrew. “Our Activities Department can provide support by suggesting the perfect local sights!”

Explore San Francisco's beauty with your family

Explore San Francisco’s beauty with your family

More Activities with Canadians

At ILSC’s Junior Camp at UBC (the University of British Columbia) in Vancouver, students can personalize their experience with activities they are passionate about. For instance, they can take drama, volleyball, public speaking, and singing as different courses – there are 20 different options to choose from!

Although many language schools offer junior programs at UBC, ILSC will be the only one in 2017 with a special partnership: UBC has guaranteed a minimum of 50% Canadian students in every course, which gives Juniors more time to immerse in Canadian culture and more opportunities to participate in activities with Canadians!

Personalize your experience at the Junior Camp at UBC

Personalize your experience at the Junior Camp at UBC

Chestnut Residence

Juniors in Toronto have a new residence option, and can live in the University of Toronto’s Chestnut Residence. This residence is just a short 3-minute walk from the ILSC campus. There will be adult supervision at the residence, including ILSC staff. Juniors who choose to stay here will also enjoy an additional Sunday activity, and evening activities 5 nights per week.

“We have a great nationality mix,” says Andrew, “So students will be in an international community of their peers.”

Visit Toronto's many museums and arts galleries

Visit Toronto’s many museums and arts galleries

PM Camps

In 2017, Juniors can enroll in PM camps in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal. This option is perfect for students who would like to explore the city in the daytime and attend classes in the evening, while experiencing life with a Canadian family.

“We invite students to open themselves to the ILSC Junior experience and spend the summer with us,” says Andrew. “It’s a travel and language learning experience that can be life-changing.”

Take in the view of the city from Montréal's Mount Royal

Take in the view of the city from Montréal’s Mount Royal

Interested in ILSC’s Junior Programs? Watch our video about Juniors having their Best Day Ever at our camps!



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