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My volunteer experience at ILSC-New Delhi

My volunteer experience at ILSC-New Delhi

Contributed by Tomoka Sakaguchi, Volunteer Internship student at ILSC-New Delhi I have stayed for past 8 weeks in New Delhi, India. Can you guess why I chose India instead of Canada, America, Australia or New Zealand to study and use English? I have no idea exactly why, however it rang a bell when I found it

ILSC Text Books

New English Language Student Books at ILSC!

Contributed by Mara Müller, Communications Coordinator / Copywriter, ILSC Education Group ILSC Language Schools students taking Communication or English for Academic Purposes (formerly Academic Preparation) will now receive their very own ILSC textbooks! ILSC collaborated with Oxford University Press to create a set of textbooks organized according to ILSC language levels. Students in the Beginner