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Amer Fort

ILSC New Delhi: The Real Experience

ILSC New Delhi: The Real Experience

Contributed by Lucia Pietropaolo, student at ILSC New Delhi Almost one month has already gone by. It feels like it was just time to leave, and now it’s time to go back home. When I decided to come here, I knew it was going to be a challenge for me. I’ve travelled the world, but India

ILSC Text Books

New English Language Student Books at ILSC!

Contributed by Mara Müller, Communications Coordinator / Copywriter, ILSC Education Group ILSC Language Schools students taking Communication or English for Academic Purposes (formerly Academic Preparation) will now receive their very own ILSC textbooks! ILSC collaborated with Oxford University Press to create a set of textbooks organized according to ILSC language levels. Students in the Beginner

ILSC-New Delhi greening project

Recently, a dedicated team of students and teachers met on a bright Saturday morning at ILSC-New Delhi’s main campus. Our mission was to pick up the litter between our two campuses (a stretch of around 200 feet on the main road in the Shivalik neighborhood). ILSC students, teachers and staff walk from the main campus