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5 Reasons to Use Ice-Breakers and Warm-Up Exercises in Your ESL Classroom

5 Reasons to Use Ice-Breakers and Warm-Up Exercises in Your ESL Classroom

Contributed by Sylvia Cossar, teacher at ILSC-San Francisco When our car engine is cold in the morning, we warm it up by letting it run, and before we go jogging or start a long hike, we warm up our bodies by stretching.  In both cases, dismissing this important step can lead to less than optimum performance. 


English Through Yoga: One Of The Best Classes You’ll Ever Take

Contributed by Molly Jones, English Through Yoga Teacher, ILSC-San Francisco In my English through Yoga class I don’t assign homework. I don’t require a number of pages read per day, or even that they write me a polished essay of sorts. What I do require, is an open mind and the courage to stand in front

Language Learning is like a Track

5 Tips to Accelerate Your Language Learning

Contributed and edited by Lacy Edney, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, ILSC-San Francisco I’ve been on the language learning track for a while. It all started with Spanish, which was more of a lackadaisical wandering through vocabulary and tenses that never seemed to sink in. French was a slow trot over some of those hurdles, but somehow

Top Three Benefits of Learning a New Language

Top Three Benefits of Learning a New Language

San Franciscans know that their city is hip, eclectic, eccentric, open, delicious, avant-garde, multi-cultural, and maybe a little foggy! But San Francisco is also rich with bilingual and multi-lingual speakers, from Spanish to Chinese, Tagalog to Vietnamese and Punjabi, including significant hubs of Persian, Arabic, Portuguese and French speakers – the majority of whom also speak English.

Don't Let This Happen to You!

5 Tips for Creating Realistic Language Learning Goals

One of the first questions that students ask us here at ILSC Education Group is how long do I need to take classes to be able to speak Spanish, French, Mandarin, etc. The problem, is that this isn’t the right question to ask. What do students mean when they say “speak the language”? Do they mean being able


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