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An aerial view of the University of Prince Edward Island campus in Canada.

Founded in 1969 with roots dating back over a century, the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) has evolved into a modern study destination with a rich history while attracting students globally. Offering a wide array of credentials, from certificates to professional and graduate programs, UPEI is committed to experiential learning, academic research, and fostering a vibrant student community. This dedication creates an enriching educational environment that prepares students for success in their academic pursuits and beyond. Read on to learn why joining ILSC University Pathway students at UPEI can help you achieve your higher education and career goals!

Why should international students choose the University of Prince Edward Island?

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is known for its sense of community and hospitality. As the only university in the Province of PEI, the University of Price Edward Island plays a central role in the education and economic development of the province. UPEI is located in Charlottetown, the Birthplace of Confederation, and a flourishing community with over 70,000 residents. At UPEI, you will find a new home with fellow students from over 100 countries. We have a wide range of exciting programs to assist you with your transition to successful university life! UPEI is recognized for combining teaching excellence with research innovation. Home to approximately 5,800 students, of which over 30 percent are international, the UPEI campus is historic yet modern and, most of all, student-friendly.

UPEI has a comprehensive plan to welcome international students, including a team of international student advisors, first-year foundation programs, Math Help Lab, Writing Centre, and the International Student Connections “Buddy Program,” which matches new and returning students for activities designed to make lasting connections and friendships.

Beyond our strong student supports and community, our rigorous undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in Business, Engineering, Science, Education, Vet Medicine, Nursing, Social Sciences, and the Humanities/Arts make UPEI a destination university dedicated to the success of its students with an intimate, interactive learning environment. Students love the small class sizes, family atmosphere, access to professors, and emphasis on exceptional teaching and supportive learning experiences. UPEI students are prime participants in collaborative research to a degree that is often not possible in larger institutions.

UPEI’s great programs and rigorous curriculum are not only top-notch but also accessible due to our status as a publicly funded institution, offering some of the most affordable tuition/fees in Canada. The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) gives international graduates an additional pathway to complete the Canadian residency application process. UPEI has strong career services to connect students with employers and we also have a Study and Stay office to help students with immigration planning and application.

A great university should be transformative for students through the power of knowledge for the future of both themselves and their communities. This is the principle behind everything at UPEI.

What University of Prince Edward Island programs are popular among international students? Why? 

Sustainable Design Engineering

The Sustainable Design Engineering program is a unique program with design components embedded in classes throughout students’ studies. It gives students rich, hands-on learning experiences. The UPEI Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering is devoted to developing engineers with exceptional design and professional skills combined with a global perspective—engineers who are broadly capable, globally and socially aware, creative, communicative, and entrepreneurial. These programs provide students with unprecedented opportunities to gain their degrees via a client-focused, project-based model delivered in an intimate learning environment that is hallmarked by mentoring and collaboration with faculty, industry, and more.

Mathematical and Computational Sciences

The School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences at UPEI is built on a strong foundation of core mathematics and computer science programs. The School is unique in Atlantic Canada for offering a comprehensive suite of majors in the quantitative disciplines.


The UPEI Faculty of Business offers programs and courses that will challenge your abilities, expand your horizons, and allow you to venture into a wide range of career paths.

With innovative and flexible programs and an emphasis on enterprise and entrepreneurship, graduates leave with knowledge and skills that give them the flexibility and know-how to compete and be successful in any environment. Small class sizes and easy access to faculty ensure that students develop effective learning relationships. Specializations are available in accounting, international business, and entrepreneurship. Students have the opportunity to experience “business in action” through cooperative education, international opportunities, mentorship, and national and regional competitions.

The UPEI Faculty of Business maintains strong ties with the business community through our Advisory Council, Global Associates, Student Business Society, ENACTUS, collaborations with Junior Achievement, Chambers of Commerce, and certain foundation courses for the CPA professional designation. Through these various connections with the business environment, the Faculty of Business ensures its offerings and strategies are in line with business needs and current trends to provide long-term value to students, employers, and the community.


Students can take psychology as an Arts major or as a Science major. Psychology is among the most expansive fields for human inquiry, ranging from what makes us human to what holds us in common with other species through examinations of mind, emotions, and behaviors. Virtually no aspect of being human is left unexplored by our diverse faculty, including how our evolutionary roots influence our humanity and what a difference consciousness and mind can make to our understanding. We have dynamic research and teaching programs supported by our broad traditions within behavioral neuroscience, perception and cognition, critical and historical perspectives, and developmental, humanistic, clinical, and applied psychologies. Students benefit not only in the classroom but also through opportunities to work in research settings with faculty in each of these areas. World-class researchers and award-winning scholars in the classroom create connections with students that are unique to a small university. Our department has a strong core of quantitative training and has developed an equally impressive qualitative component. Students in our program benefit from training in both of these areas to add to their skill set and the ability to ask and answer meaningful questions.

A teacher at the front of a classroom speaking to a group of students seated around shared desk tables at the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada.

What nationalities are represented at the University of Prince Edward Island?

International students at UPEI come from over 100 countries, including Nigeria, India, China, the USA, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Egypt, the Bahamas, Bangladesh, Brazil, Panama, Ecuador, France, Germany, and more.

Any comments about the quality of ILSC University Pathway students at the University of Prince Edward Island?

ILSC’s strong academic foundation programs help students improve their language proficiency and get familiarized with Canadian classroom learning strategies. ILSC students are among the best-prepared pathway students at UPEI.

Three students walking outside on a fall day at the campus of the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada.

What kind of support does the University of Prince Edward Island offer international students?

UPEI’s International Student Office and First Year Advising team provide systematic support and services to students from recruitment, application, admissions, registration, pre-departure preparations, free airport pickup, new student orientation, and ongoing student support and immigration requests. The advisers are well-trained and licensed staff members who are caring and supportive of all international students. Moreover, the university has six on-campus residence buildings that offer different room plans. For those seeking summer employment opportunities, the International Summer Job program enables international students to find great summer jobs and gain Canadian work experiences. As international students near the end of their studies, the Study & Stay PEI Office supports them in their final semester/year of study at a PEI post-secondary institution to live, work, and stay in Prince Edward Island post-graduation. The program provides participants with the essential skills, resources, and support needed as they transition from ‘student’ to ‘professional’ in their final semester/year of study. The program will have activities and workshops on:

  • Cultural and Social Adaptation
  • Professional Communications and Networking Skills
  • Career and Labour Market Support
  • Access to immigration Resources and Support
  • Mentorship Opportunities

Are there any other University of Prince Edward Island Highlights you think our students should know about?

UPEI automatically considers international students for entrance scholarships based on their academic achievements. Entrance scholarships for international students are granted annually to international students who join UPEI from high schools in Canada or other countries. The award amounts range from $1,000 to $3,000. In addition, Academic Excellence Awards are awarded to any UPEI undergraduate students who meet the grade scale criteria during their second, third, and fourth years. There are four levels of awards, from $500–$3,000 per year, based on a student’s average from the previous year.

An exterior view of the main building on the campus of the University of Prince Edward Island  in the nighttime.

If you wish to study at University of Prince Edward Island but need to improve your English to meet the language entry requirements, check out our University Pathway Program in Canada. Our Pathway Program offers you conditional admission to our partner institutions and equips you with the English language skills you need to succeed in your higher education journey!




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