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This content was provided by our ILSC University Pathway partner institution, George Brown College.

Located in downtown Toronto, Canada, George Brown College offers an immersive educational experience that extends beyond the classroom, leveraging the city’s status as a prominent economic center in North America. The college’s strategically positioned campuses within this vibrant urban landscape, home to key industries, ensures that students benefit from curriculum enhancements, practical field exposure, and employment prospects fostered through partnerships with various companies and organizations. Embark on a unique study abroad journey with ILSC University Pathway Students at George Brown College, where you can combine experiential learning in Toronto with a diverse range of schedules and credentials for a truly exceptional educational adventure!

Why should international students choose George Brown College?

Are you ready to embark on an educational journey that combines academic excellence with vibrant city life? Located in the heart of Toronto, George Brown College (GBC) allows you to experience an immersive urban environment with access to a multitude of cultural, social, and professional opportunities that the city has to offer. Our downtown location near Toronto’s business hub gives our students access to top employers for field education and internship opportunities, and 88% of our programs include experiential learning or work experience.

Our college is home to a vibrant community of learners from across the globe. With nearly 30% of our student population made up of international students, you’ll have the unique opportunity to learn in a culturally diverse environment while experiencing life in Canada and forging lifelong connections.

We offer a comprehensive range of support services specifically tailored to meet the needs of our international students. We have teams dedicated to student services so that you receive the support you need as you make Canada your home. While studying at GBC, you’ll benefit from smaller class sizes, professors with years of professional experience, and networking opportunities that can kickstart your career. Our industry partners work with us to make sure that our programs are current and cutting-edge, ensuring that our graduates are well-prepared to enter the workforce.

What George Brown College programs are popular among international students? Why? 

At George Brown College, you can choose from 160+ programs that will provide you with the skills you need to succeed in the modern workplace. Our career-focused programs are designed to seamlessly blend academic rigor with real-world applicability, so you’ll graduate with the academic credentials along with the people and technical skills employers are looking for.

We have seven academic centres with over 250 programs to choose from. Some of the most popular programs among international students are Culinary Management; Baking and Pastry Arts; Bachelor of Food Studies from Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts; Computer Programming and Analysis; Computer System Technology and Game Programming; Graphic Design, Game Art, Video Design and Production; Fashion Business Industry from Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology; the Bachelor of Business Administration (Analytics); Project Management and International Business programs from our Centre for Business; Dental Assistant Program and Health Information Management from Health Sciences; Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management); and Architectural Technology and Interior Design from Construction and Engineering Technologies.

We invite you to learn more about the programs available for international students here.

What nationalities are represented at George Brown College?

George Brown College has International Students from over 100 countries, with top enrolment coming from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Philippines, Bangladesh, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, China, Iran, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and India.

Any comments about the quality of ILSC University Pathway students at George Brown College?

We consistently observe that students coming from the ILSC University Pathway program arrive at George Brown College highly prepared and demonstrate a remarkable level of English proficiency.

The quality of students entering through the pathway program is noteworthy, and we have noticed that they are not only well-equipped linguistically but also academically prepared to tackle the challenges of college. This comprehensive preparation reflects ILSC’s commitment to providing a solid educational experience and thoroughly preparing students for success in their higher education studies.

What kind of support does George Brown College offer international students?

Recognizing the unique needs of international students, George Brown College offers a variety of support services to ensure a smooth transition and successful academic journey. We’re committed to providing the resources you need to succeed, some of which are listed below:

  • Academic Support: Library Tutoring, Peer Connect, Transfer Advising
  • Employment Support: Career Services, Industry Liaisons and Job Fairs, StartGBC, Applied Research Projects and Partnerships
  • Integration Support: International Centre, Student Life – Student Association, Counselling, Athletics

Visit our website to learn more: Services and Support Available to Students | George Brown College.

Are there any one George Brown College Highlights you think our students should know about?

The collaboration between George Brown College and ILSC Language Schools has been instrumental in providing international students with a seamless transition into the college academic environment. We are confident that this ongoing partnership will continue to yield outstanding results and prepare students to reach their full potential during their academic journey.

Please visit our website Future International Students | George Brown College for more insights into the enriching opportunities that await you at George Brown College.

We look forward to welcoming you as future students at George Brown College soon! Be part of a community where ‘The City is Your Classroom’!

If you wish to study at George Brown College but need to improve your English to meet the language entry requirements, check out our University Pathway Program in Canada. Our Pathway Program offers you conditional admission to our partner institutions and equips you with the English language skills you need to succeed in your higher education journey!




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