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5 series to watch on Netflix and practice English during self-isolation

5 series to watch on Netflix and practice English during self-isolation

  Using music, movies and TV shows to practice English skills is always a great idea, as you can mix learning and entertainment together. In self-isolation times – or even when you just don’t feel like going out –, you can always count with streaming services to help you boost your language learning while watching

E-Books are Key Tools in the Online Language-Learning Classroom

Online learning is becoming a new normal for us. We find a variety of language-learning programs on the net. The language-learning classroom stands on three pillars: Real-time instruction from a teacher, interactions between students, and quality learning materials. A vital piece of ILSC’s move to virtual learning is the adoption of digital textbooks. These new

How to prepare to teach English Online – ILSC’s CELTA program

At ILSC, supporting students starts with preparing teachers for the classroom. We’re always on the lookout for passionate teachers to join our team. However, when you want the best for students, in-house teacher training is the way to all-star status.   Teacher Training at ILSC ILSC has offered Cambridge-accredited teacher training through the CELTA program

7 Tips for taking online classes: how to set up your ideal learning space and make your online English study journey successful

  Now we can start studying English from anywhere. Online classes have become a great option for many international students who want to start studying English as planned in your home country. Learning from home can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you create a healthy learning space so you can stay

5 Reasons to start learning English online now before studying overseas

In these times of uncertainty and travel restrictions, many students are postponing their trips and putting their study abroad dreams on hold. The good news today is that by joining ILSC’s online community students can start their programs right away, use their time at home to good effect and save on accommodation costs. Great news


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