LaSalle College: Discover ILSC University Pathway Partners

For creatives pursuing a career path in applied arts, LaSalle College Vancouver is a great place to begin your higher education journey. This design school boasts over 30 programs, small class sizes, and worldwide industry connections, working together to create a premium educational experience supported by instruction from renowned experts. You can also enjoy the flexibility to choose from a spectrum of credentials to strengthen your educational resume, including bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

LaSalle College Vancouver is also home to both ILSC and Greystone College Canada pathway students! Improve your English with ILSC Language Schools and receive conditional admission to LaSalle College through our ILSC University Pathway Program, or complete a diploma program at Greystone College and achieve advanced standing in a LaSalle College program with the credits you earn at Greystone College.

Read on to learn more about why LaSalle College Vancouver could be the perfect higher education destination for creatives like you!

La Salle College Vancouver building exterior.

Why should international students choose LaSalle College?

At LaSalle College Vancouver, we are not just a college; we are a passionate and vibrant global education network that will ignite students’ creative spark like no other. When it comes to applied arts, culinary and bakery, fashion design, graphic design, audio and film, video game design – you name it, we excel at it, pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations. For students looking for a college that not only provides excellent quality education and access to new opportunities and technology in the field but also has a deep care for its community and its students, then this is the right place!

What LaSalle College programs are popular among international students? Why? 

Each program boasts its own unique blend of international and domestic students. Our fashion, interior design, and graphic design programs draw in many creative minds from across the globe as we offer unique opportunities and skilled, educating professionals. Our Associate of Arts also has a lot of appeal to international students who are searching for a firm academic foundation or wanting to add academic skills to their applied education. Overall, though, the allure of our bachelor’s degree programs for our international students is undeniable. Not only do they give students an advantage in the competitive job market, but they also open the gateway to the coveted Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).

What nationalities are represented at LaSalle College? 

LaSalle College Vancouver is home for students from every corner of the globe. We have about 80 to 90% international students at any given time from every continent. We have also seen more students from South America choosing the college to be their next educational destination. Europe, Africa, Russia, Australia/Oceana, and even folks closer to home across North America are all present in our school. In addition to our diverse student body, this mosaic of cultures exits among our faculty and staff – we all come together to build a foundation of many different cultures and global experiences.

Any comments about the quality of ILSC University Pathway students at LaSalle College?

ILSC University Pathway students as well as Greystone College students come well-prepared and with clear expectations about studying at the post-secondary level. It is clear these students are well-informed in advance and have a good understanding of the program, the college, and the opportunities after graduation. For the college, we welcome these pathways students as they have already experienced life in Vancouver, are confident and capable in English, and prepared for their further studies.

The interior of the LaSalle College Vancouver building, showing a red sculpture in the hallway and a brightly lit classroom containing mannequins for design classes.

What kind of support do you offer international students?

LaSalle College Vancouver understands how to support its students in every possible aspect you can imagine. Our commitment is clear through the multitude of resources and programs we offer. From our invaluable mentorship programs and free counselling sessions to insightful career-related workshops that teach students essential skills like resume preparation and interview mastery, we leave no stone unturned in empowering our students. And as if that is not enough, our campus even boasts a vibrant student lounge equipped with a pool table, ensuring students have a space to unwind and connect with fellow students.

Aside from expert faculty, strong programs, and our applied approach to education, it is definitely our unrivaled community that truly shines and distinguishes us from the rest. The moment students choose LCV, they become a cherished member of something far greater than themselves. Students enter into a community that will support and uplift them from the beginning of their journey until long after they cross the stage at graduation. Our student services, career services, IT staff, equipment room team, and, of course, our teachers all have one purpose only: to support students on their journey and help them get ready for their career.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We understand there are many options to select from, so make sure to check out our Instagram account to get a real sense of what our students and alumni are doing. Browse our website, take a peek at our brand-new campus (unveiling in 2024), and if interested, schedule an interview with one of our advisors. LaSalle College Vancouver has many diploma and degree programs in art, media and design, as well as culinary arts. We are here to help you select and prepare for your life in the career of your dreams!

If you wish to study at LaSalle College Vancouver but need to improve your English to meet the language entry requirements, check out our University Pathway Program in Canada. We also welcome you to learn more about our Greystone College Canada credit-transfer programs for advanced standing in a degree program at LaSalle College Vancouver. Our ILSC and Greystone College pathways offer you conditional admission to our partner institutions and equip you with the English language and career skills you need to succeed in your higher education journey!




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