ILSC Australia: A Class for Every City

There are many things that set ILSC apart from other schools: our awesome staff, student diversity, and community, our 28 years of history, our corporate social responsibility initiatives, our innovative technology student support, and our amazing locations all over the world. At its core, ILSC is about offering transformative learning and living experience and we do this by offering English classes through a huge variety of creative means.

Our focus is and has always been on creating an environment where students can learn English through their real interests. Whether that’s Singing, Storytelling, Slanguage, Film, or Green Leadership, we offer over 130 options. You’ve decided to learn English, so be prepared to enjoy it too.

Since we’re located in Australia in some of the most beautiful and exciting cities on Earth, we’ve developed creative classes that complement the cities where they are taught. Here are a few of our favourite classes that really capture the spirit of particular ILSC cities. Many of these classes are also offered at other ILSC locations in Australia and Canada.


Melbourne – Café Work Skills

Did you know that Australia’s coffee culture stretches back more than half a century? Australia is becoming increasingly popular as a caffeine hub, with Melbourne at the centre of this caffeine rush. Melbourne is at the cutting edge of sourcing, roasting, and brewing specialty coffee, with people coming from all over the globe to get a taste of their world-famous caffeine kick.

It makes perfect sense that students studying at ILSC-Melbourne can jump into the coffee culture in our Café Work Skills class. This extremely popular class, offered at all of our Australian locations, provides both practical hands-on specialty coffee-making skills as well as developing the specialized vocabulary for the café work environment where you’ll learn how to improve pronunciation, describe menu items, spoken interaction and interpersonal skills. You’ll have access to a professional coffee machine and master how to make typical hot beverages including cappuccinos, espressos, flat whites, hot chocolates, mochas, and you’ll practice handling money, taking orders and serving customers.  The Cafe Work Skills class is also offered at all our other Australian campuses (Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney), and in Montreal Canada!


Sydney – English through Social Media

Known as “The Emerald City” and Australia’s biggest city, Sydney seems like it was made to be photographed. From its lush greenery, iconic landmarks and bountiful beaches, there really is no shortage for visitors to Snap, Gram and Tweet all that this iconic metropolis has to offer. As you wander through the city you will quickly see that there are many places that belong on your social media feed.

It makes perfect sense that ILSC-Sydney would offer an English Through Social Media. In this unique and informative class, not only will you get to see some of the most “Instagrammable” places around the city, you’ll practice your English while learning about the more complex side of social media, how people around the world use it, and its impact on society.

As you develop your English writing, reading, listening and speaking skills, you will explore the history of social media and its various applications for business, politics and personal use. You will learn how social media is changing our world through examining case-studies, and participating in class discussions and a group project, all while collecting a few more likes and followers. Be sure to post your own photos on social media using #myILSC!  English through Social Media is also offers at all other Australia campuses and in Montreal and Vancouver in Canada.

Brisbane – English Through Art

They say that art is a poem without words, and if that’s the case, Brisbane is covered in poetry. Brisbane as a city is constantly evolving and growing, and it’s clear that its arts scene is too. Throughout the city you’ll find laneways, or narrow passages, between buildings and stores that have become famous for their art exhibit-like feel. More and more art museums like the Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art and festivals like St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival take place every year as people come to inspire and be inspired by this artistic urban playground. Tourists come to take in the unique, eclectic and vibrant rising arts scene of Brisbane, and with ILSC, you can add your very own “poem” to the city.

In our English Through Art class, available at ILSC-Brisbane, you’ll explore the language of art, art critique, and art production all in one place. In addition to soaking in the art around the city itself, you’ll practice your English through drawing, painting, sculpting, writing in a creative journal and visiting art exhibits around the city. Even if you have never picked up a paintbrush before, you can still join in as no previous art experience is necessary. So whether you want to appreciate the art of this growing city, or contribute a bit of art of your own, you can do it all while learning English at ILSC! English through Art is also offered at all other Australia campuses, and in Montreal and Vancouver, Canada!

It only makes sense that the ILSC’s programs and classes offered are just as diverse as the students. At ILSC, we believe strongly in a student-centred approach. This means that you are able to learn about things that are important to you, putting your interest’s first and giving you the independence to learn about what you want to. This is made all the better when the topics and classes relate directly to the city where you are studying! This is why at ILSC there is a varied range of programs offered, from English through Art, to English Through Social Media to Café Work Skills – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With over 130 programs and classes, you’ll learn English while learning about your interests, and most likely discover a few new ones too!




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