G’day mate! Do you know Aussie slang?

Bogan on Ute

A 'typical' Australian

When you travel to Australia you’re going to find that sometimes Australian people can say some peculiar things, and Sydney is no different. However – if you study Aussie slang before you arrive, you may be able to avoid getting confused! Here is a list of some commonly used words and phrases:

G’day! – this is a way to say “hello!” and it literally means “good day”. You will find that older people may use this phrase. “G’day mate, how’s it going?”

Heaps – now this word is used quite a lot. It literally means “a lot”, “many” or “very”, so it can be used in different ways. For example: “Wow! There are heaps of people at this concert!” and “That concert was heaps good!”

People Talking

People talking

No worries! / No dramas! – a common phrase, this means “that’s okay!”. It is usually used as a response to something that someone has said. “No worries! You can do it later”.

I reckon! – This is used when you agree with something someone has said. It can also be used to express your opinion on something: “I reckon that Japan has the best electronics in the world!

It’s gone walkabout – This funny phrase is said when something has gone missing or is lost. “My iPhone has gone walkabout”

You right? – You may hear this inside of a store, or from your teacher. It means “can I help you?”.

Ta – This a strange phrase, but it means “thanks”. You usually use it after receiving something from somebody.

My shout! – This means “I’ll pay this time”. This is usually heard inside of a bar. “No worries, this time it’s my shout!”

Aussie Beach house

Aussie beach house

If you are interested in learning some more Australian phrases, you can go to a website such as Australian Explorer.

I wish you ‘heaps’ of luck!

Contributed by Patrick Davey, Student Services & Activities Co-ordinator, ILSC-Sydney



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