Choosing A University Pathway Program

When deciding where to study an academic English or university pathway program, it can be difficult to choose your study destination. This is partly due to the many options students have these days. Even just taking into consideration the top English-speaking study destinations, students have over six to choose from, not to mention Germany and other popular destinations that offer university programs in English.

Location, location, location

Choosing a study destination for a pathway program matters—a lot. It’s considerably more difficult than picking a short-term English program because the location of a pathway program can change the course of your life! It can be difficult to imagine whether you will want to be in Canada or Australia for the next 4 years, and it may be even harder to decide when you consider that many students end up immigrating permanently to the country they select for studies.

ILSC has eight campuses, located in three countries, that offer the University Pathway Program including Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, Canada; San Francisco and New York, USA; and Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, Australia. Therefore, you can choose if you want to work on your tan in chilled out Brisbane, or test yourself in the busy streets of New York or Toronto.

Choose Flexibility

Choosing where you want to study can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t traveled to any of these countries. Luckily, the ILSC University Pathway Program is flexible. The University Pathway Certificate from ILSC is accepted by college and university partners in all three countries, which means you can transfer to any of ILSC’s more than 120 partners.

So, you don’t have to choose just one location; instead you can study your pathway program at one campus and complete your university program in another city or another country. Additionally, you can complete your pathway program in multiple ILSC campuses and still transfer to any ILSC partner.

Student in Focus: Renato Kansai

Brazilian student Renato Kasai attended ILSC-Vancouver and he later decided that he wanted to study his Masters of Architecture. He found a program he liked at the Boston Architectural College (BAC) in the United States. Renato says he chose BAC for two main reasons: “the tradition of the institution, and [because] the master’s program meets [his] career goals.”

Renato made use of his academic advisor to ensure he found a program that met his needs. “The University Pathway Program advisors showed me all the information needed in order to apply for BAC. Also, during the process [they] suggested to me other opportunities in Canada and the United States.”

Renato is eager to continue working towards his educational and career goals. “I want to finish my master’s program in an international and reliable institution such as BAC […] and to apply my knowledge and make a difference in my hometown and community.” The support and flexibility of the ILSC program can help Renato achieve these goals.

Flexibility is key when choosing a pathway program as plans and goals change. You want to be sure that the credential you earn at the English-language level will open as many doors as possible at the academic level. With the ILSC University Pathway Program you create your path, your way with advice and support from the ILSC University Pathway Team.

Are you ready to create your path, your way? Check out the University Pathway Program offered at ILSC locations across Australia, Canada, and the USA. Apply now and talk to an advisor about your options.



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