“Pure Happiness:” A Discussion on UPath with Nick Iskovych


Why did you choose to take the University Pathway program at ILSC?

My employer back home, where I was an intern, said he could hire me for a better position marketing international programs if I would go and study or get some knowledge in Canada or a similar country. I wanted to come to Canada because it was quite familiar to me.  I had been here when I was 15 years old, with my father in Toronto.


Once I decided to come, I thought, let’s go and try to do my best at IELTS and see how it goes, so I went for the test, and scored a 6. Then I thought about my options: to wait for another test would take time and it’s not a guarantee that within a month I would pick up another half point.  But I really wanted to go to Canada, and thought, there is no time to waste, so I went and did my research on how to get here another way.


That’s when I saw there are options to do study, and from a language school you can transfer to other institutions, either college or university, and ILSC was one of the schools on the list. I contacted some people on Facebook and asked which school works the best, and ILSC looked to be the better fit for me.


So you’re at Douglas College now. What are you studying there?

I’m doing the Business Marketing PDD Program, Post Degree Diploma. I had finished a computer science bachelor’s degree back home, in one of our pretty famous universities in the Ukraine.


I just decided to come and try it out with Marketing. Marketing is something additional to your knowledge, and that helps your knowledge to develop and go further, and something you can apply to any area. Then I’m also a graphic designer. So everything is like a perfect plan.


How do you think ILSC’s University Pathway program prepared you for your program at Douglas?

It was just a great time here because of the atmosphere that all of the people and teachers and all the staff creates. Just coming here is like a big family. It’s kind of awesome. The service was good, and when you have good service, good atmosphere, learning is just something additional. It helps a lot to have this school environment, where you can go out with people on activities and exploring and talk to them.  The school itself, it helps to connect the students, and I could really benefit from that.


Do you have any other thoughts to share about your time at ILSC?

All I had here was just pure happiness. There is no words to describe it. This was a great beginning of my being here [in Canada], because I felt like it’s not study, it’s more like a game, when you come, you play with people, teachers are see what you can learn, and they’re giving you what you’re asking for, and they’re filling up those gaps that you really want to fill up, and that’s the greatest.


Some people they just come here and they’re afraid because, first of all, everything is new, you know you have to find a place to live and everything. When I first came here, I rented room on Airbnb and then was looking for more permanent place to live, as well as looking for places to shop and figuring out the transportation system, which was quite challenging.  And ILSC was like no stress, and additionally there was a lot of help here, I would just come and ask whoever I wanted, either my advisor from Ukraine or I would go straight to anyone at the reception counter and would ask them any question, and they would be really happy to help me.  I was just like wow, that’s great.


When are you going to be done your Douglas Program?

Actually right now I’m just about to start my summer semester, and after I finish I’m actually thinking of maybe taking one more year with them. Because to be honest, the knowledge I’m getting here, even though it’s basic, for me it’s a big thing.  I’m discovering something really new for myself, and it’s just great how everyone around is just helping.  It’s a great time.


So you’ve had an easy time integrating at Douglas?

Yeah Douglas is my really lucky path, I came from one school which was great, and went to another school which is also great. College is kind of different from ILSC.  ILSC is more laid-back and chill, so you can relax, and have time for yourself.  And then when you get to college you have to study more, because it’s completely new knowledge.  You have to go through exams, midterms, a little bit more stress. But even then not stress, just a really fun time.






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