#TheFastFive Benefits of the University Pathway Program

Studying at a post-secondary institution in Canada, the United States, or Australia is an opportunity of a lifetime; however, having your IELTS test results determine your future study plans can be a nail-biting experience. Luckily, ILSC offers students an alternative to the IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge exams known as the University Pathway Program. Let’s take a look!
Benefits of the University-Pathway Program:

1). Skip the IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge exams

The University Pathway Program gives you the chance to get accepted into a post-secondary institution without having to take the IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge exam. Prior to this, University Pathway students must complete at least 2 ILSC levels of required courses. Your schedule and required courses depend on which Entry Level is required for your chosen program at your partner school.

2).Learn the skills to succeed in post-secondary while strengthening your English

While the IELTS test focuses only on listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills, the University Pathway Program teaches students how to be a successful academic writer, researcher, note-taker, and speaker. As a result of studying these student-focused skills, students naturally become a better listener, reader, writer, and speaker.

3). Enter quality colleges, universities or TAFEs

Some of the top schools that University Pathway students attend in Canada are Douglas College, Humber College, Capilano University, and Seneca College while some of the top schools in Australia are Torrens University, TAFE Queensland, and TAFE New South Wales. In the United States, students attended Adelphi University, Santa Monica College, LIM College, and Full Sail University. There are several more partner schools throughout Canada, Australia, and the United States.

4). Experience global entry into University Pathway partner schools

The majority of UPath programs are transferrable to any partner schools, with some exceptions. For example, if you are taking the University Pathway Program in Australia, you can enter a partner university in Canada or the United States. This allows students to have a truly global experience, and with over 130 partner schools to choose from, the options are endless!

5). Have the choice of choosing from master’s program options in the USA and Canada
Those with an undergraduate degree have the option of taking a post graduate certificate or master’s program for options. For students who want to take their masters, The UPath Program has master’s program options throughout the United States and in Canada, so your educational journey can always continue.

Not everyone learns in the exact same way, so it makes sense that not everyone’s educational journey goes down the same path. Thankfully with ILSC’s University Pathway Program, you can tailor your journey to your goals, ambitions and dreams, and go your own way.



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