#TheFastFive Facts about the Learn To Earn Program

Since the very first group of 6 young women joined ILSC New Delhi for the launch of the Learn to Earn program in April of 2010, more than 8 years and 98 students have passed through the program on the road to an improved life. As our newest enrollments take us past the 100th student mark, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the successes of this program designed to support disadvantaged women in India.


Women in India

India is the second most populated country on the planet – home to 17% of the world’s population. This immense citizenship, combined with severe income inequality and complex social structure issues, means vulnerable groups face adversity in daily life that is unimaginable to many other nations. Women in particular can be faced with seemingly impossible barriers, especially in areas of inadequate education and low income, creating a vicious cycle of poverty. One in three women in India struggle with illiteracy, and over 51 million women are unemployed. In an effort to help combat the issues faced by local women, the Learn-to-Earn program is a program administered in New Delhi that gathers underprivileged girls and women from Delhi and surrounding areas and empowers them with the employable skills and knowledge to help them break free of the economic and social oppression they face.

What Does LTE Offer?

On top of language classes, each LTE student receives frequent one-on-one mentoring from a counselor to support them with building confidence and to help resolve any issues that may impede their success. On top of these valuable English language classes, the young women are also provided with financial literacy classes and computer training for skills that are highly sought after in India, as well as cultural programs and exchanges with international students, women’s health workshops, and excursions to Delhi’s monuments. After the course, participants are given the change to spread their wings and practice what they’ve learned at a variety of internships opportunities organized through ILSC.

Jennifer Williamson, Global Curriculum Director and Cheryl House, Curriculum Designer visited ILSC-New Delhi to celebrate a LTE graduation.

Student Success

The Learn To Earn program is by no means easy; many of the girls and women that participate come from difficult situations, and may be travelling from hours away to attend the six month program. Fortunately, these students are dedicated, and face the challenge head on. Learn to Earn students enter into intensive English language training classes with ILSC’s international students. Equipped with invaluable skills and experience, the opportunities available to these women are immeasurable. Some dream of becoming police officers, doctors, fashion designers, and more than ever, these goals are within their grasp.

Who Supports LTE?

Learn to Earn is locally run and administered by ILSC – New Delhi’s team, but fundraising efforts come from across the ILSC Education Group, spread across seven international cities, with sponsorships coming from both individuals and collective efforts. Last year, ILSC campus locations ran classes such as Zumba and Yoga, excursions around the city, coffee sales, sightseeing tours, crafting events, and more to raise funds.

How You Can Help

We believe sincerely in the transformative power of education, and the value in empowering women all over the world. As we continue to improve and grow our LTE program, we look forward to expanding further with our computer technology training, our workshops for women’s health and safety, as well as keeping graduates of the LTE in touch with each other and with ILSC through social media, reunions, and career fairs. If you would like to support the LTE program, we gratefully accept sponsorship and donations from generous individuals and organizations. Sponsor backing has allowed us to run this program and support the dreams of many young women in India.

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