Know Before You Go: ILSC’s University Pathway Program

Much like a real path that leads to a real destination, a University Pathway can come in different shapes and sizes. Some are long, some short, some have hills and some are smooth all the way – but no matter the journey, they all lead you to where you want to be. With ILSC’s University Pathway program, we help set you on YOUR right path. And, like all journey’s, before you set off you want to be prepared,  which is why we’ve rounded up some important facts about the University Pathway Program that you need to know before you go.

Keep going, keep growing

Did you know that ILSC helps students achieve their higher education goals and dreams with direct entry to more than 130 partner schools in North America and Australia? One of the great aspects of the University Pathway program is that new partners schools are always being added – like the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, our most recent partner. Even more, there are several partners dedicated to specialized areas like New York Film Academy, University Ontario Institute of Technology, Le Cordon Bleu, Toni&Guy School of Hairdressing or JMC Academy. View the list of Canadian partners and Australian partners.


Academic Excellence Assurance

In addition to having your choice of the over 130 partner schools, you’ll receive ILSC’s Academic Assurance to help you reach your potential and goals. What does that mean? That means to ensure your success you’ll have access to online language practice, resources and progress monitoring to help you reach your required entry level. You’ll receive a conditional letter of acceptance from your chosen partner school, a detailed program orientation to guide you from start to finish, access to guest lectures, monthly partners campus tours, and information sessions from ILSC’s partner schools to introduce you to the college and university learning environment to assure your academic excellence.


One less test is best – IELTS or TOEFL not required

Another great aspect of ILSC’s University Pathway program is that unlike if you were to just apply directly to a university or college, you aren’t required to take and pass a TOEFL or IELTS test – and one less test to worry about is a good thing. This means you can prepare for success in an English language post-secondary program with ILSC and experience seamless transfer into one of ILSC’s reputable partner colleges or universities. Once you arrive at ILSC, you’ll receive a university pathway orientation and our academic advisors can help you choose the right courses to support your learning. Complete a minimum of two levels of required University Pathway courses and you’ll be ready for success in your college or university program!*

*In some cases, additional requirements may be necessary for Australia.


KeepMeSafe app

Moving to a new country and starting college in a language different than your mother tongue is certainly an exciting journey that many of our students embark on. New city, culture, friends, food… and new challenges!

Because of this, all University Pathway students in Canada have free and immediate access to the international Student Support Program (SSP) also known as the Keep Me Safe app. This service provides instant, confidential and culturally relevant support in multiple languages, for any concern you may have, no matter how big or small. Qualified counsellors are trained in providing support for anything from dealing with mental health issues, healthy living habits, Adapting to new cultures, managing your finances, or personal relationships and more! To download the app visit here.


Your path, your way

Brazilian student Renato Kasai attended ILSC-Vancouver and he later decided that he wanted to study his Masters of Architecture. He found a program he liked at the Boston Architectural College (BAC) in the United States. Renato says he chose BAC for two main reasons: “the tradition of the institution, and because the master’s program meets my personal career goals.”

Renato made use of his academic advisor to ensure he found a program that met his needs. “My University Pathway Coordinator showed me all the information needed in order to apply for BAC. Also, during the process, the University Pathway team suggested to me other opportunities in Canada and the United States.”

Renato is eager to continue working towards his educational and career goals. “I want to finish my master’s program in an international and reliable institution such as BAC and to apply my knowledge and make a difference in my hometown and community.” He credits the support and flexibility of the ILSC program, which helped Renato achieve these goals.



Just like a physical path, there are sometimes several routes you can take to get to your final destination; you just have to find the one that’s right for you. Whether is the number of growing partner schools, our Academic Excellence Assurance or our healthy well-being app, ILSC’s University Pathway program is designed to get you on your right path, which will lead to your dream destination. Want to get started on your University Pathway today? Visit here for all of the details!



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