Brisbane Junior Camp: Get Adventurous!

“Does the moon look upside down in Australia?”

“Do toilets flush the opposite direction?”

“Is a koala’s tummy soft?”

If you’ve ever asked these questions, the answers can only be found down under, and also in this post: “Yes. No. No”, but wouldn’t it be better to find for yourself in Brisbane, Australia?!

Those of us from colder climates might not be able to picture playing on the beach midwinter, but in Brisbane, it’s winter in July, and even the coldest months are still warm and sunny with average highs over 20 degrees; Brisbane has 300 sunny days per year! A morning person’s paradise, the Brisbane sun rises at 6:30 AM in the summer, so you can get your adventures started early. To take advantage of the Sunshine State’s warm weather and warmer people, ILSC launched our extremely popular junior camp in Brisbane in January 2019. Our junior camp that runs twice a year, you have double the opportunity to join the camp for an Aussie adventure you’ll remember forever!

The Classes

The first ILSC-Brisbane July camp is currently underway, and our newest group of junior students from countries all around the world are enjoying English classes in the morning. Monday to Friday, students come together in class for English lessons and practice. For many young learners, junior camp may be the first time traveling alone, and being exposure to a different environment, new friends, and a new sense of independence is the perfect situation to experience a transformative learning experience. Experiencing full immersion in a new language is the best way to progress!


The Activities

After classes, students head out for super fun excursions in the afternoon. This group has already hit up the Koala Sanctuary, a chocolate factory tour, and the Mount Coot-tha lookout, and coming up, they’ll go whale watching, bounce at the Trampoline Park, and take trips to some the  many theme parks, like Dream World, Warner Bro’s Movie World,  Sea World, or Wet and Wild Water Park. Because Brisbane has nice weather year-round, both summer and winter camps can enjoy the best attractions in the city. Boomerang workshops, afternoons playing cricket, are uniquely Australian activities that are sure to leave an impression, and the Australia Zoo, bushwalk tours, and river kayaking will expose you to surreal animals and nature that will feel like a visit to a different planet.


The Connections

In keeping with Brisbane’s friendly community vibe, our first group of junior campers celebrated a birthday together and the students shared cake and birthday wishes. Brisbane is the third most populated city in Australia with about 2.5 million people, but still manages to maintain the small community vibe of a much smaller city, locals are known for being friendly, laid-back and welcoming. ILSC-Brisbane embodies the classic Brissie friendliness, hosting a welcome BBQ every session.  The covered campus patio hosts ping-pong, and chill outdoor lunches every day. Studying at ILSC- Brisbane is the perfect way to build friendships with locals and other like-minded students from all over the world. Get a first-hand look at what a day in the life of an ILSC Junior Student in Brisbane looks like:


When you’re ready to join the world down under, to find out for yourself: can you ride a Kangaroo? do qwokkas always smile in photos? Is Vegemite served at every meal? (No. Usually, yes. No), you can join ILSC-Brisbane Summer Camp, and solve some sunny mysteries for yourself.




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