5 Reasons to start learning English online now before studying overseas

In these times of uncertainty and travel restrictions, many students are postponing their trips and putting their study abroad dreams on hold.

The good news today is that by joining ILSC’s online community students can start their programs right away, use their time at home to good effect and save on accommodation costs.

Great news from Canada: the government has eased immigration rules for international students! Students who have a study permit for Spring 2020 are now allowed to take 50% of their programs online. You can find more information on our government website.

Here are some of the benefits of starting your online English learning journey with ILSC:


Learn English Online Any Time, From Any Level to Improve Your English Skills

Take ILSC’s PROLA language level test online first to place you to the right level for online classes. You can use either your computer or smartphone for the test. The class levels cover from the beginner to the advanced levels.

Welcome to ILSC’s new online language test!


You can select from 3 English programs designed to help you reach your goals

  • English Communication – For students who had been planning to use their time off to experience a language program abroad, there is the option to simply join the ILSC community online for a duration of time that suits them.
  • University Pathway – For students whose objective is entry into an Australian University/TAFE or a Canadian University/College in the fall of 2020, January 2021, or beyond, our University Pathway Program is available online too.
  • Greystone College Pathway – Students whose goal is to participate on one of our vocational programs at Greystone College can follow a preparatory English language program from the comfort of their own homes.

Also, take the chance to join Greystone College Certificate programs online.

  • Greystone College Canada – Students who meet eligibility requirements are able to join the following Business Certificate programs:
    • Certificate in Business Experience (12 weeks)
    • Certificate in Business Management (8 weeks)
    • Certificate in Human Resources (8 weeks)
    • Certificate in International Business and Trade (8 weeks)

For more information, please see this link.


Students can access and learn the latest educational online tools and materials

ILSC’s online classes are accessed via the increasingly popular Zoom platform. You can join our online classes from anywhere in the world. All classroom textbooks and materials are provided through the Moodle platform and microsoft356. You can access Microsoft365 applications, such as Teams, SharePoint and the Office package for free! Take the chance to get a real-life practice of the tools of today’s virtual workplace in an English speaking environment.

FREE Microsoft 365 for ILSC & Greystone College Students


Online classmates from all over the world

You can join an online classroom with international students in Canada and Australia, and from all over the world like you. You make international friends in advance from your home country and interact with them in our Zoom classroom. When you move to a real classroom in the future, you can meet your old and new friends for real!

Online Learning is FUN! | ILSC & Greystone College | #ilscGCtogether


Support your future success

You can achieve your goals for studying abroad! You can finally add language skills to your CV; you go out of your comfort zone and transform; you have a break from your studies or your job for a new challenge; or you have transformative living and learning experience with adventure and discover a new country and culture.

Canada is waiting for you | ILSC & Gresytone College

Australia is waiting for you | ILSC & Gresytone College


Now you see what you can experience at ILSC. Are you ready to join our online community from your home country? We are looking forward to seeing you at our online classes!

At ILSC we are offering a unique opportunity to study English online, so that when you are ready to study abroad, we are ready for you. Let’s weather the storm together and keep planning for your future!

We are looking forward to seeing you in our online zoom classes soon!

For more information regarding learning English online from the comforts of your own home, please contact your ILSC or GC representative here: https://www.ilsc.com/contact.




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