How to prepare to teach English Online – ILSC’s CELTA program

At ILSC, supporting students starts with preparing teachers for the classroom. We’re always on the lookout for passionate teachers to join our team. However, when you want the best for students, in-house teacher training is the way to all-star status.


Teacher Training at ILSC

ILSC has offered Cambridge-accredited teacher training through the CELTA program since 2003. The CELTA department offers 8 full-time courses annually, each lasting 4 weeks. The course is usually available in a variety of formats, including online input sessions with in-class teaching practicum. The different course offerings give flexibility to prospective teachers and maintain the rigours of the Cambridge assessment process.

ILSC’s teaching training program prepares over 100 new teachers a year to teach English at home and abroad. Many of our graduates also decide to stay with the global ILSC family, and we’re very happy to have them!


Online Teaching Practice for the Virtual Classroom

With the current global need for physical distancing, the CELTA team has worked with Cambridge to rapidly prepare a CELTA course that is 100% online, including a virtual teaching practicum. The new format offers the same rigorous training while addressing the needs of teachers who are, more than ever, likely to find themselves teaching in virtual classrooms.

ILSC’s dedicated teachers transitioned online in response to public health measures against the pandemic to continue supporting our students. Our commitment to preparing the best teachers to help students reach their goals means teacher training must also go virtual! The CELTA team at ILSC has the experience necessary to prepare teachers for the demands of any classroom, online or off.

The new 100% online format lasts 12 weeks and begins with 4 weeks of input sessions with CELTA trainers. After group input, each candidate teaches a group of students online once a week and receives feedback. This new format integrates input and practicum, unlike previous online CELTA offerings, which held all the teaching practice at the end of the course.

Another advantage of the new online course are the added input sessions on virtual teaching. Graduates of the ILSC new CELTA program will be better positioned to find work teaching online as public health measures currently require. In the long-term, graduates will be prepared to transition from teaching online to teaching in-person as soon as it’s safe to do so. Finally, graduates will be happy to receive a full certificate from Cambridge at the end of this online course – the gold standard in international language teaching.


The next course dates for the 100%-online ILSC CELTA course are May 25 to August 7, 2020 and July 6 to September 29, 2020.


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