Amazing Collaborations in Australia: Supporting International Students during the Pandemic


Vesna Trajkovska, University Pathway Coordinator at ILSC Sydney, helps coordinate delivery of meal packs offered by the Quality Training & Hospitality College (QTHC) to ILSC and Greystone College students through an amazing collaborative initiative.

In early June, Mike Rattananupap, International Marketing Manager from the Quality Training & Hospitality College (QTHC) reached out to our own University Pathways Director in Australia, Livia Tramontina to let her know that as part of their COVID-19 Assistance Free Meals Program, QTHC was offering gourmet meal packs to international students during the pandemic.

Jen Hatcher, Director of ILSC and Greystone College Adelaide, and Lucas Chiusoli, Director of ILSC and Greystone College Sydney, immediately jumped on board. They were both excited by this excellent opportunity to support our student cohort during the pandemic and, at the same time, strengthen an important pathway relationship between ILSC, Greystone College and QTHC.

QTHC committed to providing 20 gourmet meal packs to ILSC and Greystone College students.  Together, our staff and QTHC set a date for delivery and created an Eventbrite registration so that students in need could register to receive a meal pack.

On the day of the event, our students arrived at the collection point and were clearly very grateful to receive the packs, which included a supportive message from the QTHC Managing Director, Richard Finlayson. They were greeted by the warm smiles of Mike Rattananupap, Chef Pierre, and friendly QTHC students. Our students were also thrilled to see a familiar face, Vesna Trajkovska, the University Pathway Coordinator at ILSC Sydney, who was there to ensure that the event ran smoothly.

In total, QTHC provided gourmet meal packs to 20 ILSC & Greystone College students, each containing three different meals, a drink, a menu, and heating instructions. The meals packs were carefully prepared and packed by QTHC students and staff. It was amazing to be part of this important collaboration to support our students, in recognition of some of the challenges they’ve faced during the pandemic.

ILSC/Greystone College is sincerely grateful to our pathway partner Quality Training & Hospitality College for their generosity and support during these difficult times.




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