The Real Business of Language Learning

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ILSC exists to provide transformative learning experiences. This core part of our mission applies as much in the boardroom as it does in the classroom. Corporate training at ILSC equips business professionals with the language skills necessary to succeed in a global marketplace.

If success begins with understanding, then language comprehension is a crucial part of professional growth. ILSC Corporate Training provides a solution to companies and employees who are facing language barriers at work. Vanessa Bhola, the Director of Corporate Training and Continuing Education at ILSC Montréal, believes effective communication with colleagues, clients and business partners is essential in a diverse and global workplace. According to her, strong language ability, and the transferable soft skills gained during instruction, “enable professionals to effectively achieve their company’s goals and gain the confidence to advance their careers.”

Juggling work and study responsibilities while learning another language might be challenging, but ILSC’s team of corporate trainers have the experience to guide professionals to language comprehension and fluency.


The unique language needs and opportunities of Québec

Based in the French-speaking province of Québec, ILSC Montréal is familiar with the demands and benefits of multilingualism. Numerous multinational corporations, with headquarters in places like the USA, France, Latin America, and even other parts of Canada, have offices in Québec. The province also boasts its own global companies doing business around the world. Québec’s unique language landscape means that workers with different first languages often want to improve their English, French, or Spanish skills to enhance their prospects both locally and across North America’s markets.

ILSC further enhances these prospects by offering corporate language courses tailored to specific industries, such as the video game industry and other technical professions. ILSC corporate training courses focus on providing the business terminology employees need to succeed in either English or French and also offer opportunities to practice foreign language business negotiations on platforms like Zoom. For foreign workers looking to move their careers to Québec, ILSC also offers popular preparation courses for TEFAQ.

ILSC wants to contribute to current and future career success stories, says Bhola. Success happens “by building relationships based on open-mindedness and trust while listening and tailoring courses to clients’ professional and personal goals.”


Remote-work revolution

ILSC Corporate Training provides language-learning support for diverse clients who work across a range of industries including finance and travel; and high-tech industries like gaming, film and animation. One thing all of these industries have in common, apart from language needs, is flexibility.

Even before ILSC Education Group’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we offered flexible, remote training to corporate clients. Sometimes, even under the best circumstances, key employees aren’t able to commit to in-person instruction. Accessible remote-learning options “allow clients to take lessons early in the morning, in the evening, or even on the weekend,” according to Bhola.

Remote instruction via online learning platforms results in less lost work time and saves corporate learners an added commute. Our flexible online course format is popular with new and current clients, alike. But for those who prefer in-person classes, this option is also available.  Whichever course format clients choose, we can’t wait to see what they’ll do with their new corporate language skills!

Learn more about Corporate Language Training at ILSC Montréal and contact us to find out how we can support the language needs of you or your employees.




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