A Day in the Life: ILSC Family Camp

What says summer more than a good old-fashioned family vacation? With ILSC, you can put a twist on a classic. Our Family Camp at ILSC-Vancouver offers families the opportunity to live, learn and explore together, in a world-class city. You’ll learn from your instructors, and also benefit from a culturally rich experience with the multicultural nature of our family program. Plus, this amazing family experience isn’t just for summer vacation – it runs in the winter for its very own unique, snowy adventure! Curious to know what a week in the life of family camp would be? We’re breaking down the lessons, activities and memories that happen at ILSC Family Camp, from sunrise to sunset!


Welcome home

After your flight to beautiful Vancouver, your family will then travel to your accommodations. Once there, you’ll get a chance to get settled in, explore the neighbourhood and get some rest, and you’ll need it: tomorrow is the first day of your brand new adventure!


Rise and shine!

Each morning you and your family are at ILSC will consist of lessons from 9 am to 12 pm, 5 days a week. At ILSC Family Camp, the adults will study with adults and the children with other children. This is a great opportunity to get to know other families who are experiencing the same journey as yours. Children will get to learn with others at a pace that suits their language level – and make friends during their studies. Lessons are designed to be engaging, fun and educational – because learning is better when you’re laughing!


Afternoon of fun

At ILSC Family Camp, the afternoons are for adventures! There are two activities scheduled by ILSC, and three activities reserved for family free time. One week, your planned activities could be a trip to the iconic Vancouver Aquarium and where you will learn about everything under the sea. Or perhaps you will visit an art studio, play a game of laser tag or enjoy a family kayaking trip! Whatever the activity, it’s meant to allow your family to spend time together all while practicing your ever-growing English language skills.


A former student of ILSC returns with his family. View their story here.

Learn English, have fun, repeat!

Each day of the week is set up to this similar schedule, with stimulating lessons in the morning, followed by time to see the sights of the city and get the most out of your family camp experience. Free family time is to ensure you have the chance to make memories of your own. But don’t worry if you’re not sure what to do, ILSC staff love to play tour guide and are always ready and willing to share some suggestions for all different types of interesting attractions.


Weekend warriors

Each week, there is a day trip planned for Saturday – what else are the weekends for? It could be a day trip to the famous Whistler Village, surrounded by breathtaking mountain views. Or, it may be learning through fun at Science World followed by a boat ride to Granville Island. Whatever the activity, you can expect to be having experiences that can go straight into the family photo album.


The fun at ILSC Family Camps doesn’t have to stop after one week. The program runs up to 5 weeks long in the summer and 4 in the winter, so you and your family camp spend an entire month making memories and learning English.  Family vacations can be something that your families look back on for the rest of your lives, and at ILSC Family Camps, you’ll make memories you can’t forget.


For a closer look at the week in the life, view our Family Camp video, and take a look at our Family Camp fact sheet here!



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