“I promise I’ll be back someday’’- Ignacio’s story




I can still remember when my parents told me to study English during my time in Melbourne. They chose ILSC. At first, I didn’t want to. It was summer for me and I didn’t want to spend it in a school. Then suddenly, I changed my mind.

The first impression that I had was AMAZING. I loved everything. One week later I had friends and made more during the session. And the most important thing: I learned English, I learned about people and cultures.

It really made me happy. I loved my class, my teachers, but soon I had to leave. I just stayed for 4 weeks but was enough to miss everyone and everything. It was hard to me. I felt so good there. I just wanted to go back in time or return. I was sad, but also happy, because it was the best experience I had ever lived. I missed  my ILSC friends. We chat by Facebook but it’s not the same. Henry, one of my classmates came to Barcelona and we met. It was so exciting. But chatting is not the same anyway. I missed everyone because there I felt so encouraged, helped and loved.

When I was in Barcelona, not a day went by that I didn’t think about returning. I asked my parents to go back almost every week. When I knew I was returning to ILSC in Melbourne  I felt so happy. It was like a dream come true. Finally, one year later, I was coming back. It has changed a lot. When I was here we were like 60 students in level 7. Now we are almost 500, and level 9 has opened.

Time flies, I just can’t believe I have to leave again. It’s been one year since the first goodbye. Now it’s time to say goodbye again. Goodbye to Melbourne, to ILSC Melbourne, to my friend, to my teachers, and to all the staff.

I will never forget my time at 120 Spencer Street. One of the best places I have ever been. Where I have learned, made friends, and felt loved There are no words to describe how I feel: grateful, happy, but also sad. I know I have to go back to Spain but I don’t want to, not yet. I want to thank everyone. All of the staff, teachers, and my friends.

I really want to thank everyone in ILSC: staff, teachers, and student.

I am going to miss you, everyone. Thank you for encouraging me. For helping me and for loving me. I will never forget this summers in ILSC. I love you guys. And I will keep in touch with all of you. Hopefully, I will return when I study at University or later. But I promise I’ll be back, someday.

I wish you a very good life, full of happiness, health & love.

Thank you again, ILSC has changed my life in a good way.

I will miss you so much.

Thanks for everything,




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