ILSC Awarded ESL Certificate of Excellence for the Second Time


For the second year in a row, we are very excited to be awarded the ESL Certificate of Excellence at each of our three Canadian locations. This certificate rewards partner schools that provide a high-quality service. The students’ opinion is the main criteria to assign the certificates.

In October, the student feedback was collected throughout the year and was analyzed in order to grant the certificates. Students are requested to evaluate many different aspects of their stay, such as the school’s facilities, the teaching quality, the accommodation and the leisure activities.

ILSC scored 4.3 out of 5 in all three Canadian schools and received the ESL Certificates of Excellence for the second time. Take a look below to see staff photos with the certificate and a few comments on why ILSC was the 2017 recipient of the Certificate of Excellence.

Receiving this honour two years in a row must mean we are doing something right, so we spoke to our Canadian locations to find out their take on some factors that led us to this award.

The team in Toronto felt that the staff dedication for ILSC missions ensures high-quality of care and service: “We feel privileged that so many students allow ILSC to be a part of their life-changing language learning journey. We pride ourselves in the dedication that each and every member of the family brings to their job; this dedication translates into quality instruction in the classroom, an exceptional level of service at the campus, and welcoming warmth in our Homestay families. We truly feel honored to grow with our students.”



ILSC-Toronto staff

The same high-quality service is evident at our Vancouver location. “ILSC faculty and staff bring the best of themselves every day,” says Student Services Coordinator, Thaisa Gorniak, “It is more than just ‘good’ customer service. We show a genuine interest for our students and agents to solve any inquiries they have. It makes the difference.”


ILSC-Vancouver staff

In Montréal, Maya Kordylewska, a European Student Advisor provided insight into why ILSC received the award for the second time:

“We believe ILSC stands out for high-quality service and exceptional performance because our staff really care about giving our students the best experience possible.  When students come to us with questions, requests, or even problems, we will always do our best to help them.  We go above and beyond to make sure our students learn as much as they can and have an enjoyable time with us while doing so.”


ILSC-Montréal staff

As a school, ILSC strives to provide transformative experiences to our students through excellent services. Receiving the ESL Certificate of Excellence, knowing it was based on students personal experiences and reviews is both an honour and a privilege.




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