#TheFastFive Reasons to go to Greystone College

You’ve made the life changing decision to travel to a new country and embark on the journey of learning the English or French language. You’ve experienced wonderful language training, made international friends and had qualified instructors. The big day comes and you receive your certificate of completion and the question arises – now what? For some, they go on to continuing their language journey, some return home, and some take the next step and transition to Greystone College, part of ILSC Education Group. At Greystone College’s 7 locations around the world, students open up global career and life opportunities with career and vocational training programs in a variety of industries. Wondering if this is your next step? We’ve rounded up #TheFastFive reasons ILSC students should consider going to Greystone College.


First ILSC, then Greystone, then the world!

For most students who transition from ILSC Language School to Greystone College, they find it an excellent way to make use of their wonderful language training they received and apply it in a more specific college setting. At ILSC, you become familiar and comfortable with learning the English and French language, and transitioning into a field of your choice at Greystone College is a great way to put that education to use – and keep practicing! Not only will you be communicating in English, but you’ll be using words and refining phrases that are relevant to the industry of your choice! For many students, going from one to the other seems like a natural progression of their transformative learning experience.


Stronger Together

At ILSC, we know from experience that we are much stronger when we unite together. Staff and students come together from all corners of the globe, and it is then that we find we are better and stronger together. This same mindset was applied to the recent brand merge of two ILSC Education Group schools: ILSC Business College in Australia and Greystone College Canada. Building on their previous independent success as standalone colleges, ILSC decided to move forward with one vocational training provider and fulfill our mission. This means Greystone College will be in seven world-class locations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, New Delhi, Toronto, Vancouver and Montréal to offer our students 40 nationally and internationally recognized qualifications, taught by our experienced instructors.


Co-op Education & Practicum

Greystone College is the place to go for hands-on skills in your chosen field! With co-op, practicum, or internship options depending on the program and location of choice you’ll receive support to find real-life work experience to help you increase you expertise and further your education. With co-op, you’ll add real world job experience to your resume, get experience searching and applying for jobs, practise your interview skills with real employers and build references and contacts in your industry! Plus, if you have any questions, the co-op team is there to help you refine your job finding process and set you up for success. Wei-Lu (Louis) Chen, a graduate in Greystone’s Diploma in Business Communications Co-op says,During my study in Business Communications program at Greystone College I learned to accomplish everything I have wanted to be successful back home in Taiwan. In the business program, the teacher was extremely helpful in personal branding and social networking skills and also helped me to be able to confidently present myself as a successful business man after I graduated from Greystone College.”


Career Centre & Events

When students come to Greystone College, they have a goal they want to achieve. With the career centre and career events at Greystone College, we help them take the steps to turn those goals into a reality. Career Centres are located on campus, and students visit daily for job search support and advising. Many of our programs have job search courses and workshops built right in to the program. Our multi-skilled advising team will help you learn key skills like resume writing, interview skills, job search tips and more, so you will feel confident and prepared while chasing your dreams. Even more, is that Greystone organizes several career and job fairs and workshops throughout the year. Attend a Greystone College Career Fair and connect with reputable employers from all kinds of industries. All students and alumni are invited to attend these networking events to build industry connections, find part-time work during their studies or positions after graduation.


Open Global Opportunities – To Montréal and Beyond

Just like its students, Greystone College has big dreams and goals! You may have heard that recently, ILSC Education Group expanded Greystone College to call one of the best cities for international students home! This exciting expansion allows for more students to have more options about their vocational training. Greystone College Montréal Director, Daniel LeFort, said it best, “Greystone College Montréal is really looking forward to hosting its students this fall, and is very proud to be able to offer quality career and vocational training in this beautiful bilingual metropolis of ours. In Montréal, students will receive the same great support and excellent service that Greystone College has been delivering for the past 16 years. Whether you’re an international student or a Canadian one, we’ll provide you with an unforgettable learning experience and help you take an exciting step in your education and future career! Come learn with us! Bienvenue à Montréal!”


Thinking of making the ILSC-to-Greystone transition yourself? ILSC wants to help make it a reality! Right now, current students from ILSC and Greystone Vancouver and Toronto can receive a free flight to Montréal* when you study at our newest addition, Greystone College Montréal and start a whole new chapter in reaching your education goals! Speak to your campus student advisor for details!


  • Transportation cost (up to $300 CAD) will be reimbursed upon arrival at Greystone College Montréal. Only applicable for:
  • Registrations made before November 23, 2018 with program start dates in 2018.
  • Students must meet entry requirements for Attestation of College Studies, International Business Management.
  • This offer is for current ILSC and Greystone College students at Vancouver and Toronto campuses only.
  • Students must obtain valid study permit
  • Contribution towards your transportation cost
  • Cannot be combined with any other offers.



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