Learn French at ILSC: Easy as Un, Deux, Trois!

French is commonly called the language of romance and love. A beautiful and elegant language, the title as a “Romance language” actually comes not from its seductive sound, but from its origins in the Roman Empire!  Used in many different countries worldwide, learning French will open up many opportunities for you globally for jobs, travel, and as a spring board for learning other languages. The global popularity of French is why we offer it at ILSC-Montréal. If you’re considering learning French, read on to be convinced you should take the plunge:


You’re Hired!

Every extra language you can add to your resume opens up more job opportunities. Whether you are working specifically with the language itself in jobs like translation, interpretation, and teaching, or if you are able to communicate with and support a greater number of people in industries like tourism, hospitality, and customer service, the benefits are enormous. In bilingual countries like Canada, many roles seek out French speakers who can support staff or clients spread across the country. With 29 countries using French internationally (the second highest number after English), learning to speak French means your odds for successfully communicating just increased dramatically, and so did your odds of getting hired.


Bon Voyage!

Maybe speaking French makes you picture yourself casually ordering a baguette in Paris, or poutine in Montréal, but expand your French travel horizons! Most of the world’s French speaking population, are actually in Africa with 115 million speakers, and many European countries outside of France speak French as a second language. You would find it useful in Germany, Switzerland, Morocco, Chad, and Madagascar to name just a few. That being said, poutine in Montréal is still a goal worth studying for.


A Key to the World!

Speakers of romance languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian may find that they can almost understand languages they definitely don’t speak. Maybe a French speaker can piece together an email in Spanish, or a Spanish speaker can grasp a chat in Portuguese. This is because of the common Latin origin of the romance language family. There is so much similarity built into these languages before they split into separate tongues that learning one gives you a head start on the others! This makes French not only a lovely and useful language to learn, but also an excellent starting point for learning other languages easily. Many words are shared, as well as sentence structures, conjugation practices, and more, making learning more languages an organic expansion rather than a difficult beginning.


Let’s Get Started!

Assuming you’re sold on the concept of learning French, (why wouldn’t you be?) and you’re ready to become a hyper-employable multi-lingual world traveler experiencing the best of French influence on the world, you may be thinking: Where should I start? Look no further than ILSC-Montréal. We offer communication courses, business French options, junior camps, and a large selection of fun creative and cultural courses. Maybe you will learn French through films and songs, street talk, fashion, or drama. While you’re at it, experience the fascinating city of Montréal, created with a blend of modern North America, and old world Europe. Culture, art, food, and fashion live here, and so can you.

Find out more about learning French at ILSC, and start your journey today!



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