Why Teens Love Summer in Montréal

Why spend summer in your room playing video games when you could be adventuring in a foreign city, exploring music festivals, sampling local cuisine, exploring historical locations, and perfecting your French, your English, or your “Frenglish”? Montréal is a paradise of fun activities for youth, so take advantage for the best summer ever.

All Fun and Games

Montréal does not play around when it comes to having a huge selection of fun games and activities for teens. Perhaps a pirate aerial theme park, escape room, virtual reality arcade, or archery and axe throwing will tickle your fancy. Or, if you’re more into being active, you might enjoy swimming at the Olympic Stadium, snow shoeing, or biking the many routes in one of the world’s most bicycle friendly cities. Love music or comedy? Montréal hosts hundreds of free concerts per year, and many of the world’s best comics gather annually for the comedy festivals.

Mangez All Day

Montréal is celebrated among Canadians for its diverse and award winning cuisine. Get ready to live your best life on the sunny patios of local restaurants. With fascinating foods available at every price point, you’re sure to find a dish which will change your life, haunting all future meals with its tasty memory. You’re probably not allowed to leave Montréal without trying poutine, it’s an unspoken law that snacking on Montréal’s famous cheesy gravy fries is required. Local bagels and chocolate are also a must-try, but if you don’t eat maple syrup from the world’s main source, did you really go to Montréal at all?

Get Cultured

You’ve played; you’ve eaten, now it’s time to better yourself with knowledge. Montréal has a rich and long history, with the oldest human evidence dating back 2000 years. Sometime after that, buildings went up and now you can admire the unique mix of old and new architecture that have spawned since Montréal’s founding in 1675. With plentiful museums, art galleries, observatories, and planetariums, you will never be at a loss for fascinating things to discover.

Bilingual? Nah, Trilingual!

Montréal is the second largest French speaking city after Paris, and 59% of residents speak both English and French. If you’re down to learn a second language, why not practice a third at the same time? Enhance your future travel, study, immigration, and employment prospects with two of the world’s most popular languages, both of which are conveniently taught at ILSC-Montréal.

Broadening cultural horizons, developing independence, and building confidence – there are many excellent benefits to be had by youthful travelers. Let ILSC build your best summer ever with our selection of youth summer programs. You will never forget your experience at our popular pre-built junior summer camp program: ILSC at McGill University. You certainly won’t want to miss out on the summer of a lifetime in Montréal. If #CanadaIsCalling, then Montréal is messaging: will you reply?



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