Unique Courses at ILSC Language Schools

If diversity is the spice of life, then the course and program options at ILSC really bring the heat! With a wide variety of classes and programs to choose from, ILSC ensures that you can not only learn English but in ways and topics that you personally find interesting. We understand that every student that walks through our doors has a unique set of interests, which is why we’ve developed a curriculum that is filled with courses that are as unique as you. Let’s take a look at some of the special programs at ILSC that will spice up your life.

Medical English

Where you’ll find it: ILSC Language Schools in Vancouver Canada, and in Brisbane and Sydney Australia

Perfect for: Medical students and professionals who want to develop their medical English

What you’ll learn: Designed for medical professionals, this program will provide students with the medical English terminology, listening and speaking skills required to communicate effectively with patients and other medical professionals in order to provide medical care. In each certificate, students will learn new terminology that they will put into practice by exploring medical case studies and describing patient conditions. Role-plays can be adapted to meet students’ individual learning objectives and needs, depending on their professional backgrounds.


Café Work Skills

Where you’ll find it: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, Australia, and Montreal, Canada.

Perfect for: Those looking for coffee barista skills that will make you more employable

What you’ll learn: Calling all caffeine lovers! This extremely popular course offers both practical hands on speciality coffee making skills as well as developing specialized vocabulary for the café work environment where you’ll learn how to improve pronunciation, describe menu items, spoken interaction and interpersonal skills. You’ll have an access to professional coffee machine and master  how to make typical hot beverages including cappuccinos, espressos, lattes, hot chocolates, mochas, and you’ll practice  handling money, taking orders and serving customers.

30 Plus

Where you’ll find it: ILSC-Vancouver

Perfect for: Students who are 30 years of age or older by course start date and want to study with classmates in a similar age group and life stage

What you’ll learn: You’ll be placed in either the Foundation 30 & Beyond or Communication 30 & Beyond course in the morning according to your pre-assessed language level. These courses help you build fluency and connect through language with other students in the 30’s and up. With ILSC’s dynamic approach to course delivery, where set curriculum is complemented by the interests of students, course topics and class discussions will naturally develop in a way that resonates with the life experiences, goals, and interests of those in this age group.

Volunteer Experience

Where you’ll find it: https://www.ilsc.com/language-schools/programs/volunteer-experience-frenchMontréal, Toronto, and Vancouver (In Montreal, the program is also offered in French!)

Perfect for: Those looking for international volunteer experience by contributing to an initiative that’s important to you

What you’ll learn: First you’ll study in the classroom and sharpen your language skills for the volunteer experience portion before moving on. During the Volunteer Experience, you will volunteer with a socially-forward, dynamic and innovative Canadian organization that matches your interests, putting your language skills to work to support important initiatives and causes in areas like arts & tourism, the environment, community involvement, non-profit, and social/humanitarian. Add volunteer experience to your resumé, practise your language skills in the community, all while making positive change!


Whether you are wanting to volunteer with a cause near to your heart, or returning back to school as an adult learner, ILSC has got you covered. Learning English is made that much more interesting (and fun!) when you can do so through topics that you find relevant to your interests, hobbies, talents or profession. The list doesn’t stop there – explore all of the programs and classes available at ILSC Language Schools and begin your unique language journey today!



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