Your Home, Their Stay: The Benefits of Hosting an International Student

Every year, ILSC Language School and Greystone College welcome thousands of students from around the world to 7 of the most well-known cities. Students embark on a language journey that is sure to transform not only the way they speak but the way they live.

WHERE they live during this time, plays a crucial role in providing an authentic transformative experience. The ILSC Homestay Program is a way for both ILSC students and their homestay families to learn about new cultures, forge lasting relationships and become part of a connected global community.

Check out some of the benefits of becoming a homestay family, and start your journey today!


 “Travel the World”

Without a doubt, one of the most rewarding aspects of taking part of the ILSC Homestay Program is the chance you have to learn about a new culture and part of the world, that you may otherwise not have. ILSC students come from over 100 countries from around the world, and our homestay families get to “travel the world” without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. Learn about cultural traditions in Ukraine, delicious cuisine from France or what it’s like growing up in Korea. As you provide a home for your homestay student, you’ll quickly see they are providing something for you and your family too!


A Cultural Exchange

A homestay relationship is one that is mutually beneficial – this means that everyone involved has something to gain! A frequent comment from homestay families is how fulfilling they found it to play a part in such a major and memorable life experience for their homestay student. For most, it’s a chance to provide more than just four walls and a room; it’s an opportunity to help their ILSC student learn about a new culture, country and city. Many of our homestay families keep in touch with their new-found family member long after they leave, as they have played an important role in one of the best experiences of their life.


Support for Every Step

Another great thing about the ILSC Homestay Program is that when you become a homestay family, you join the ILSC family too! We have set up our homestay system to support you every step of the way. From our initial phone call and house visit, you will find comfort knowing the Homestay and Accommodation team are here for you and your student. The team is available 24/7 for emergencies, day or night, and of course during normal working hours for any concerns you may have. No matter the situation, we are only a phone call away!


Experience Again and Again

The homestay experience is so enriching, that lots of families choose to do it again and again. Families from all backgrounds love welcoming a student into their home, learning about their culture while sharing their own, and soon enough, they are welcoming their 4th or 5th student with open arms! ILSC has helped over 220,000 students connect with the world through language, which means that you can take part in this cultural exchange time and time again. With a large student body, and new students enrolling every month, your journey as a homestay family can last as long as you want!


Boost Your Income to offset expenses

We understand that having another person in your home will require additional support, which is why ILSC provides a supplement every time you’re hosting a student, to offset those expenses. This stipend is mainly intended to assist with some of the costs associated with housing and feeding a student. Although a boosted income is a reward for hosting a student, the best and most long-lasting rewards come from immersing the student into a different culture, watching them grow in the English and French languages, and form a unique bond – a truly priceless opportunity for all.


By giving the gift of culture, learning and family, you can have a deep and meaningful impact on the life of a student, while in turn gaining a better appreciation for the world in which you live. Being part of the ILSC Homestay Program is more than just renting a room. You will be part of the students’ life during one of the most memorable experiences of their lives, and in many cases, long after.

Want to learn more? Check out what one of our Homestay families and students have to say and find out everything you need to know to become a homestay family in Vancouver, Toronto, or Montréal!




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