Hello and Goodbye: Preparing for Life After ILSC

Contributed by Lydia Pillitiere, ESL instructor, ILSC-San Francisco At 12:29 PM, the common area at ILSC-San Francisco is deserted. At 12:30 PM, the classroom doors open and students begin to raid the refrigerator in search of their lunches. At 12:40 PM, there is a line in front of the microwave as the smells of Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and

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Healthy Eating in Toronto

Contributed by English through Journalism student Pilar Hortua, ILSC-Toronto Have you ever heard your friends, acquaintances or relatives talk about the weight they gained while they were living or travelling abroad?  Well, that might be what is happening to you at the moment, and somehow you’ve been thinking what and where you could eat without punishing your taste buds or your pocket.



How training for a half marathon improved me as a teacher

Contributed by Molly Jones, teacher at ILSC-San Francisco All the bosses and mentors I’ve ever had tell me the same thing: “A job is a marathon, not a sprint; pace yourself to achieve maximum efficiency.” Regardless of this sage wisdom, I feel like much of my life has been spent in a series of sprints, I


Continuing Education


How to Text in Spanish Like a Native Speaker

Contributed by Jilynnette Centeno Millan , Spanish Instructor, ILSC-San Francisco Edited by Lacy Edney, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, ILSC-San Francisco We are always communicating with others; if not by email, then by text messaging. Let’s be honest, most of us rarely ever talk on the phone unless it’s an emergency. Text messaging has a really important

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Listening Ear

How to Improve Your Spanish Listening Skills

Contributed by Jilynnette Centeno Millan , Spanish Instructor, ILSC-San Francisco Edited by Lacy Edney, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, ILSC-San Francisco Learning a language requires patience, dedication and motivation. I often ask my students how many of them are musicians or play sports, and what these activities have in common. Most of them raise their hands and acknowledge