ILSC-Montréal’s Communication Class Lends a Hand at Logifem

 “You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give” – Winston Churchill Contributed by English Communication students and their teacher John Heron at ILSC-Montréal On December 12, 2015, we had a great opportunity to work as volunteers at Logifem. Logifem is a charity organization, which helps women to

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Learning English is so yummy! Come join us!

English Through Food

Contributed by Carolina Bertolucci, instructor at ILSC–Montréal Here’s some food for thought: have you ever gone a day without thinking about, talking about or mentioning food? Most likely, the answer is no, because food is engrained in our lives, our culture, and in our everyday language. Even if you don’t know beans about cooking, you know you like to eat, and


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How to Text in Spanish Like a Native Speaker

Contributed by Jilynnette Centeno Millan , Spanish Instructor, ILSC-San Francisco Edited by Lacy Edney, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, ILSC-San Francisco We are always communicating with others; if not by email, then by text messaging. Let’s be honest, most of us rarely ever talk on the phone unless it’s an emergency. Text messaging has a really important

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How to Improve Your Spanish Listening Skills

Contributed by Jilynnette Centeno Millan , Spanish Instructor, ILSC-San Francisco Edited by Lacy Edney, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, ILSC-San Francisco Learning a language requires patience, dedication and motivation. I often ask my students how many of them are musicians or play sports, and what these activities have in common. Most of them raise their hands and acknowledge